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Effective 6/2/2021
Please note the safety protocols we will be
following moving forward.

As the Governor has lifted the mask mandate “Masks Optional”; 

Some of our guests will choose to wear a mask and some may not.

We understand everyone has deeply personal beliefs guiding these decisions. 


And with this said, starting June 2nd no matter what your belief is we will give you the choice to either go maskless or if you choose to wear a mask, we will wear one with you.


We respect everyone’s choice. There will be no judgement. 


Also,  we will continue taking temperatures and we ask you still text or call when you are in the parking lot. This is to make sure we are accommodating everyone.


As a salon company, we will not ask our guests to disclose their vaccination status. We ask that our guests respect our employees personal and private health choices as well.  The Beauty Bar will continue to pamper each and everyone of you. We are excited for our lives to see some normalcy! 

We look forward to seeing our smiles soon!

Effective 6/2/2020

Please note the safety protocols we will be

following moving forward.

In addition to safety and sanitation measures some of our stylist’s hours may be extended, limited, or changed to accommodate social distancing measures, appointments, and clients.

Our salon hours and days of operation may be extended, limited, or changed for a limited time as well.


Stylist Expectations

Stylists will be required to take a personal health assessment every morning and have their temperature taken to ensure safety. Stylists will be required to wear necessary PPE including face masks, shields, gloves, or aprons when necessary.

 All stylists will be sanitizing the salon working areas in between clients and at the end of each day with hospital grade board certified disinfectants and sanitizers.

 Stylists will not be coming into physical contact with guests unless necessary for the services booked.


Guest Expectations

All guests will need to wear face masks or coverings during scheduled appointments. No mask, no service. If needed masks will be provided for a small fee.


If you are sick and or not feeling well for any reason we ask that you reschedule your appointment and remember that our 24-hour policy will still apply. If for any reason we believe that you are not feeling well we will not be providing services for the day and all cancellation policies will be in effect. Please remember we are trying to get in as many people as we can and each appointment is taking up valuable time.


The number of guests on premises will also be limited. Only the guests receiving services will be allowed inside the salon. Please do not arrive early or bring any additional guest with you as our waiting area will not be available. We ask that once inside the salon you do not have your cellphone in use. We will not be providing and beverages to cut down possible exposure. Also, we ask that you do not bring in any food or drink at this time.


All guests must text the salon when arriving and wait for a response as to when it is safe to enter the salon. Stylists will greet guests at the door, please have facial coverings/masks on at this time. All guests will then be asked to sanitize and wash hands before start of service. All guests will be required to do a personal health assessment and sign a release form.


Hair guests may be asked to process in their vehicles and will need to re sanitize and wash hands when stylists comes to get you. Based on each stylist’s demand of time blow dry styles may not be provided.


Guests will be checking out at stylists’ stations and will only be at the front desk if additional appointments need to be made.


Please refrain from touching retail items, and/or face while in the salon.


Limited contact is preferred. If any retail questions please ask your stylist.


Please honor our responsibility to keep ourselves and

those around us as safe as possible.


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